About us:

Tiaan & Salome Cronje (CROME) are registered miniature smooth-hair dachshund breeders since 2008. KUSA(Kennel Union of South Africa) registration number 1011241. SACBR(South African Canine Breed Registry) registration number MDH2020/10586.

We breed with Miniature Smooth-Hair Dachshunds. Currently we breed with one male and three females – Chocolate Dapple, Chocolate & Tan, Silver Dapple and Black & Tan colours.

At Crome Kennels we believe that our Dachshunds  are part of our family.  We raise and treat them as such. They live with us, NOT in kennels, and we believe that the environment they and their puppies are raised, is evident in their loving personalities, unique temperament and healthy condition.

You are more than welcome to visit us and meet our family! 

Our Puppies Are: